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what would happen if we kissed

dawn/logan otp

Crossfandom OTP Dawn Summers/Logan Echolls


May 23rd, 2008

Cause she hasn't posted them herself. COUGH. By thiswholeflight

Dawn and Logan are epic love bitches.Collapse )

February 22nd, 2007


Logan Echolls has always been kind of a jackass. Sure it's the best kind of jackassery possible but a jackass none the less. He's the son of a action-movie star who just happened to sleep with and kill his first love; so maybe forgiving him a little bit of that jackassery is acceptable. During the course of the first season of Veronica Mars we saw Logan go from total obligatory pyschotic jackass (read the antagonist) into something else. Granted, I'm not a huge fan of Veronica and Logan now back then I couldn't decide if I wanted her with Logan or Duncan. Now though? I think Logan just needs a clean break. But that's off topic. Logan has grown in the years since we first met him. He's still got that sardonic wit (most of the time unless Veronica's still got his balls in a jar on her shelf) and that little grin that could melt the hearts of just about any girl. He's a jerk and he pushes people away but still manages to be utterly charming. There are a million reasons to love Logan Echolls and these are just a few.

Dawn Summers was a mystery from the very beginning. In the middle of a show that established itself and how continuity driven it tended to be, suddenly the title character has a younger sister we never heard about. Most people never liked Dawn, she was a little bratty and well young. But really her brattiness was easy to accept once you realized that she was 13 years old and living in the shadow of her older, larger than life, sister. Also, she turned out to be a mystical key to a hell demension. Cut a girl some slack. We never saw Dawn past the age of 16 but she was beginning to grow into an intelligent, confident young woman. Also, her quirkiness was astounding and endearing.

Say what you want about both these characters but they're so very hard not to love.


Role play spawned this couple. A role play that actually featured Logan meeting Buffy after she saves his life. And her making the comment, "You're my sisters age" or something like that. It suddenly seemed way too obvious that Dawn and Logan needed to meet. They exist for us through Roleplay mostly but we've dabbled into Fic.


For us, it was about a year ago. For them, if you do the math they're right around the same age and clearly perfect for each other (but that's just me). You can displace time or setting or anything else for these two. You can play them both Canon or take them AU. You can set them at any age and while they may not like each other at first, it always ends up more than that.


Once you start Rping a couple and they click? It's hard not to fall head over hills, madly in love with the picture they make. You can cater your mood to them. Also, I think we're both a little in love with each other's portrayel of the characters. Not to mention the characters themselves. It's really no stranger a ship that others we've seen with Logan crossovers (Logan/Brooke? Logan/Peyton ... we don't really get these but hey, crossovers RULE!!)


For us. AIM/Livejournal. For them, Neptune, LA, heck you could put them in Bangladesh and they'd work. Trust me! We've put them there. And various other places in our Spy!Epic. (Oh cross fandom how I love the, throwing Dawn and Logan into the Alias world? So awesome).


Well here's the thing. Logan Echolls? Has chemistry with a tree trunk and Dawn is a cute and quirky kid with daddy & sister issues. It's no surprise that they would butt heads and/or connect on a variety of levels. Personally we throw them into canon worlds, AU worlds. With and without the supernatural element, changing their backgrounds but never messing up who they are inside. You can't go wrong when you know the characters like we do and we'd like to think that we do. It's easy to see the connection they'd have or we're crazy. Take your pick.

If you have anything to add to any of these catagories please comment and it will be added to the list. All comments are screened.

February 21st, 2007

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(dawn/logan) love/death/sex
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