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what would happen if we kissed

dawn/logan otp

Crossfandom OTP Dawn Summers/Logan Echolls
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by thiswholeflight

Welcome to dawnlogan!!
- This is a place for the unconventional, crossfandom ship of Logan Echolls and Dawn Summers. Sure it might not make much sense to most people but really, it makes sense to us! So come on in, play and share goodies.

1) All posts must have to do with Logan & Dawn. Not Logan and Veronica or Dawn and Spike. The couple Logan & Dawn only please.
2) If you don't like the ship, are appalled or anything like that, fine with us but don't join the community. Don't comment, just go away. Please. Thanks.
3) Play nice children.

Heidi: thiswholeflight
Ginni: atomic_eyes